What Are Some Important Considerations when Buying a Spa?

Quality Spa Shell Material

Number of Jets

Number of Pumps

Cover Thickness


Cost of Delivery

Cost of Setup and Electrical

Cost of a Hot Tub - Price

Find us a good deal!

Shop online and cutout the middleman. Buy from a source such as the hot tub manufacturer or online retailer with credibility and a track record that is at least 10 years and preferrably 20 years or more in the business.

Spa Owners Canada

Don't expect an over the top luxury spa for $3,000. Know what you need and what you are buying.

Beware of "salesmanship" as the spa business can sometimes be notorious for the "my spa is better than your spa" game.

Customers want good value, good quality and a low, competitive price. Customers also want to make sure they are dealing with someone who will be there a few years down the road to answer any concerns or questions.

Buy Spa Ratings

Overall Rating:
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Cottager QCA Spa,
December 22, 2009
By Jude70
from Seattle, WA
"I have had my spa for over a month now and used it several times. For a beginner or even the experienced, this spa is great! It has good jets which are adjustable....
It is well built for the money, no bells and whistles, but I really don't need them.
I would definitely reccommend this spa to anyone instead of spending thousands for ones that are over priced.
I love my spa!"
Overall Rating:
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Great spa!,
May 12, 2012
By reddeer
from Alberta

"great spa for the price- fantastic construction and easy installation"


Buy a Spa - Factory Direct and Save!

factory direct hottubsHelping Canadians find hot tub deals and buy affordable spas with over 25 years experience in the hot tub industry.

Buy a Hot Tub Factory Direct and Save!
For some Canadians, having a reliable spa with 30 jets, a lounger and comfortable seating is perfect. If you don't want to spend thousands on unnecessary bells and whistles or break the bank, and want the best deal on a hot tub we scour our manufacturer's database, the web and our own network of suppliers to dig up the best deals on hot tubs.

Key Largo Home Depot QCA SpasSpecial Deals on Spas: Let us know what kind of special deal you are looking for as we refer you directly to the factory. Send us an email at info@buyspa.ca if you are looking for a hot tub in the next month or two (or in the next day or two).
We will get right back to you with our best offer.

Cheap Spas
Best deals on factory direct spas are always available. Sometimes there are some that have freight damage, repaired acrylic scratches, cabinet dents on otherwise unused spas in bothlounger or non-lounger models. Plug and play spas are lower in price and do not require an electrician to hookup the 220 volt line. That is because they plug into 110v power outlets with GFCI protected cords.

Used Spas
Well a used spa can either be given by a friend or relative, or found on Ebay, Kijiji or other online site. Caution: The first thing to do before getting into a used hot tub is to clean out the plumbing lines. Use Ahh-Some to get rid of accumulated BioFilm inside the plumbing hoses and manifolds.

Discount Hot Tubs Canada

A new hot tub sale deal is available for time to time.

Cottager Spa - Buy Spa CanadaLooking for a spa, but aren't sure you are getting a good deal or aren't sure exactly what features you want in a spa? Request Free Information by Email
send inquiry to: info@buyspa.ca

**offers on this site currently only for Canadian residents with a shipping address in Canada.

What more do you want in a spa?

It is good enough for large retailers like Lowes, Menards, Home Depot and others in the States to carry, so importing a QCA Spa is one option for Canadians who want to buy factory direct.

We get you the best deal directly from the QCA Spas factory - in business for over 47 years. Get these savings in Canada by having your hot tub shipped directly to you from the factory. Buy directly from the factory, get a direct shipment with factory support before, during and after the sale. In business since 1966!

Whether you need a discount cottage spa or a new spa for your home in Canada, contact us by email to find out more about how to buy hot tubs factory direct.
There are even inflatable spas under $1,000 for the cottage.

Another option is to check out any special spas at Canada's TheHotTubSuperstore.com or send them an enquiry. Once you have a spa, Canada's The Hot Tub Superstore is the best place online to buy discount spa parts and accessories even after you buy a spa. Talk to Scott!

How it works:

You send us an email about what size or type of spa you are looking for, we send you further information about the currently available discount hot tubs for Canadians. We don't share your email with anyone and don't bother you after your enquiry unless you request more info.

We refer you to the factory and you do business directly with the trusted source. You can buy a hot tub factory direct without any middleman, but we can get you that extra insulation, hard cover upgrade or ozonator included for free depending on what spa you are interested in.

You receive the full support and assistance of BuySpa.ca - helping Canadians buy affordable discount, factory-direct hot tubs safely and securely online and you also receive after sales support directly from the hot tub manufacturer.

Good luck with your hot tub deals search, and let us help find the best hot tub deal online. When you need the best mortgage rates, you use the free services of a mortgage broker. When you need the best deal on a spa, you use the services of BuySpa.ca!

Take the guesswork out of buying a hot tub online and enjoy your spa sooner!

UPDATE: Spring is a great time to install your hot tub - Any levelling work or electrical installation can be done in the fine spring weather. Order a spa and see if you qualify for FREE DELIVERY to parts of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan with an email request for free shipping.

Spas that are manufactured in the U.S. but to Canadian standards (ie. hard cover, triple layer of cabinet insulation) can be purchased online. Pricing in US dollars at the moment due to exchange rates.

Send us an email* if you would like to be notified on these new, manufacturer direct spas (ie. spa ships directly from the manufacturing plant to your home). Let us know if you have any questions in the mean time.

*Privacy Notice: We will respond to your email but value your privacy. We hate spam, so we will not send you any other unsolicited emails unless you request further information and wish to correspond further, and we never give your email address to any third party. In fact we delete email addresses after 30 days from our database, so you have nothing to lose by requesting more info by email.

How Can BuySpa.ca Help Me Find The Right Spa and Best Deal?

*We refer you directly to the hot tub manufacturer or supplier, bypassing the traditional retail store channels - no dealer markup, no importer markup, factory direct, discounted pricing in either US or Canadian dollars depending on where you buy the spa from.

You receive factory direct telephone support for after-sales service with the comfort of knowing you have bought directly from the actual factory that built the spa, and receive the best possible phone support by technicians that actually work at the spa factory.

If you want alot of hand holding and don't care what you pay for your spa, then simply drive around to alot of local hot tub dealers and see what they have.

Even dealers cannot stock every available model, so chances are the one you want in your colour may need to be ordered. So when that happens, the dealer picks up the phone and calls the distributor who may have to order from the wholesaler who then places an order with the factory.

The spa is then built to your specifications and shipped from the factory either via the dealer or directly to you. The cost of the spa will be higher than if you cut out all of the middlemen and buy factory direct.

Buying factory direct* or at least from a trusted online supplier, is the only way to do business in the internet age when price is a concern. Shop online and get support from a factory trained technician to answer any of your questions before, during and after the sale. Spa dealers come and they go, but the factory is a trusted and stable entity you can now buy from directly and receive factory direct support either directly or through the best online channel.

Don't trust future support to a store or salesperson, buy directly from the factory's own online store - the actual source where your spa is built. Who will have the information you need to answer your questions? Who will know what accessories or spare parts you may need in the future and who will give you the best deal on a product they proudly manufacture themselves?

If you guessed the spa manufacturer or distributor, you are right again!

Email us to find out about current specials and also for recommendations on a particular model or models based on your needs and requirements, or to find out if you qualify for free shipping.

*Factory Direct Definition: Be wary of outfits that claim you are buying factory direct, but where you don't do business directly with the actual factory that builds the spas or factory distributor that assures your spa will be built and shipped right from the factory. Many advertisers claim factory direct, but true factory direct buying means you send your money to the actual factory. On this website we only refer to factory direct when you actually do business directly with the manufacturer or manufacturer's authorized distributor of your spa.

Direct to consumer means an online retailer has figured out the best pricing formula and cut out the old-school distributor or middleman. This does not work with all hot tub brands as many have protected territories, but if you want a particular size or type of spa, let us know what you are looking for.